During my earlier years, I wrote songs and performed on the autoharp, but my instruments were just not that well made. They were difficult to tune and gradually they fell into disrepair. After about twenty years of coffee house open mikes, I set them aside.

In 2010, I discovered the incredibly advanced diatonic autoharps made by George Orthey of Newport, PA, and after Craig Thatcher and I visited George on our way to Jorma Kaukonen’s “Fur Peace Ranch,” I acquired my first Orthey Harp. I was instantly inspired to begin writing and singing again. It felt so good!

Craig continually encouraged my music, gave me good advice, boosted my confidence, urged me to perform publicly and subsequently joined me in pursuing this recording project. Jim McGee got me started in his Nazareth studio and then my long-time friend Kent Heckman of Red Rock Recording in Saylorsburg, PA jumped in and offered up his incredible studio magic. He provided the creative plasma within which these songs thrived. As I learned the recording process, I wrote new songs that seemed more pertinent. Craig contributed what I think are perfect guitar tracks and when my lyrics got stuck without music, he came through with suggestions for guitar parts that opened up the log jams. Nyke Van Wyk added his flawless violin to the outro of my John Lennon tribute “It’s All Been Done.” John Sterling Ruth shot a professional video for my song “Let It Go” and after it went live on YouTube, my bass playing friends Mark Dann and John Kurgan noticed and offered to provide the remote bass tracks that have filled out the lush guitar and autoharp duets. It’s hard to believe it has all come together, and it makes me want to do more.

      Thanks to all of my friends for helping me capture these songs. They feel simple, pure and honest to me and I hope you enjoy them.

Autoharp, Vocals: dick boak

Acoustic, Electric and Slide Guitars: Craig Thatcher

Violin on “It’s All Been Done”: Nyke Van Wyk

Bass: John Kurgan**, Mark Dann*

Harmonica on “Pre-Conditions”: Mark Kanter

Autoharps Made by George Orthey, Newport, PA

Recorded at Red Rock Recording, Saylorsburg, PA

Mixing: Kent Heckman, Red Rock Recording

Mastering: Mark Dann Recording, Woodstock, NY

SpectraSound Recording: Jim McGee, Nazareth, PA

Downloads of this CD are available on iTunes,

CD Baby, Amazon Digital Music and Google Play.

You may preview the songs here:

Click here to watch Dick’s YouTube video of “Let It Go” 
recorded live in 
John Sterling Ruth’s photo studio.

Click here to watch The YouTube film

about Dick Boak

created by Scott Moore and Eric Feldman

All music and lyrics by dick boak © 2014 Boaksongs Ltd., BMI except:

Something There Is About You –Words and Music by Bob Dylan © Special Rider Music

Beside You –Words and Music by Michael Kamen © Elbmesne Music Inc.

My Friend – Words and Music by Jimi Hendrix, © Experience Hendrix

It’s All Over Now Baby Blue –Words and Music by Bob Dylan © Special Rider Music

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1.   It’s All Been Done **5:49

2.  Let It Go * 5:59

3. Society Café ** 4:41

4. Pre-Conditions** 2:58

5.  My Song *  4:09

6.  Something There Is About You *  5:21

7.  Beside You *  4:51

8.  But You Never *  4:14

9.  My Friend  3:41

10.  Bay of Tears **  4:14

11.  It’s All Over Now Baby Blue *  4:09

12.  The Dancer *  2:43

13.  Let It Go (Instrumental) *  3:44

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